Treetop Trouble

Treetop Trouble

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The aim of the game is to save your village that was attacked by the Jet!Use your special powers and defeat enemies.You have 7 lives so be careful.Enjoy beautiful graphics and animation.Sokka has escaped his captors, and now he's in a race against time to save an entire village!He'll have to use all his warrior skills to navigate the precarious perches high in the treetops, all the while dodging archers arrows and the relentless pursuit of the freedom fighters leader, Jet!Quick!The dam will explode any minute now.Go warn the villagers before its too late!We wish you great fun and even better adventure! Instructions: Use left arrow key to move left. Use right arrow key to move right. Press both rapidly to free Sokka from Jets grasp. Spacebar-Jump CTRL-Throw Boomerang Up arrow-Climb on ropes Down arrow-Crouch and climb down ropes. P-Pause game.

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Welcome to Treetop Trouble!Do you like Avatar?If you like then you are in the right place.Take in the action and beat up the bad guys!

Date Added: 2016-01-25

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