Avatar: Barge Barrage

Avatar: Barge Barrage

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Show your skills as a real avatar and destroy the enemies that are trying to stop the rescue!Your mission is to help Prince Zuko to conquer tribes and kingdoms by controlling the fire nation barge.You can choose on the world map the village you want to attack, to do so you must get closer to earth or water villages and press enter to start a fight.Remember, the defense of each village is ranked from one to five.As their defense levels is higher the villages are harder to conquer.To destroy the village which has a strong defense you need to have as many people on board.You can upgrade your barge skill.When you fight a village you must use your crew's bending energy to launch a fireballs at towers or fortresses to break down the walls.Amazing graphics, animation and sound effects will blow your mind.The game is suitable for all ages, especially for boys and people who love Avatar games.Have a great adventure! Instructions: Use arrow keys to play.

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Welcome to Avatar: Barge Barrage!Welcome to another avatar adventure!

Date Added: 2016-01-25

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